Download Dr. Freeware:

Caution: Some softwares in Dr.Freeware does not support 64bit systems well.

Dr. Freeware Data Backup (windows edition)

Current Version : 0.04

The signal package. Contains windows edition of Dr. Freeware Data Backup only.
latest change:
1. Now, USB stick can be cloned.
2. Fix a bug on diskplaying the clone progress of RAW partition
3. Improve the error-tolerance of DriveDumper(for example: the overleaping partitions)
4. Fix a bug which may cause software crash if user manually stop the clone progress.

file name
link 1: Download

Dr. Freeware Full Package(Rescue CD)

Current Version : 0.06

Includes all offline(what is offline?) softwares:
Data Recovery, Drive Dumper, Windows Password Cleaner and Other Free Tools
latest change:
1. Virus Database in LiveCD is updated to 091005

file name
link 1: Download

You can install Dr. Freeware to a USB stick.
(A) Download LiveUSB-Creator program first.
(B) Follow the steps below :
      a. Extra in your hard drive
      b. run liveusb-creator.exe

       1. click "Broswer" to select "drfreeware_VERxxx.iso"( extact from the zip file you have downloaded)
       2. select the USB drive in "Target Device" item box. 
       3. click "Creare Live USB" to install Dr. Freeware in your usb device.

(C) Configure your system to boot from USB drive.

You may visit home page of LiveUSB-creator to get more information.

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