Latest News

13-10-2009: Update!

DriveDumper has been updated to 004!
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05-10-2009: Update!

Virus Database in LiveCD is updated to 091005.
Fix a display bug in DriveDumper!
Now, USB stick can be displayed correctly!

25-09-2009: New Release!

Windows editition of Drive Dumper is available to download now!

20-06-2009: Updated!

Virus Database is updated to 090618.
Windows Password Cleaner can reset "Administrator" account now!

10-06-2009: Updated!

Virus Database is updated to 090609. Correct display errors.

27-05-2009: Start Menu is Added!

Helps you to easily burn a Live CD or make a Live USB stick.(Windows Only)


Fix bugs in Data Recovery. Virus Database of Avast is updated to 090524.

18-05-2009: Live USB is supported

Now, you can install Dr. Freeware to a flash drive using Windows.

16-03-2009: First Release

Feel free to download and use Dr. Freeware.